Introducing our Namesake Beers:

IBU 45 ABV 6.2%
I named this for my Dad, Howard.
Howard was a foundry man at Pelton Steel, Milwaukee, then moved to Waupaca Foundry. Like all foundry men he was a loyal, hardworking and dedicated man always putting in a full day’s work to earn that nice cold pilsner. To honor him and all hardworking people we offer our Foundry Water. This unfiltered pre-prohibition style American Lager goes down easy, exhibits a light malty sweetness and finishes with a firm, yet balanced, hoppiness.

Foundry Water


IBU 30 ABV 6.4%
I named this one for my father-in-law, Harold.
Harold was a roofer by trade first at Langer Roofing in Milwaukee until he started his own roofing company, Krebs Roofing Inc. He has always been on top of things and a dedicated, hardworking man who enjoys ending many a long day with a cold red lager. His daughters recall him reciting his roofer’s creed, “Red sky in the morning - roofer’s warning, red sky at night - Roofer’s Delight!” Little did we know that works for sailors too! This HINDER has aromas of caramelized malt and roasted grain with a smooth medium to light body and a slightly hoppy finish.

Roofer’s Delight
Red Lager

These fine men taught me, guided me, and inspired me - for that I am eternally grateful.
Please Join me in a toast, Cheers H.H.!

Swift Kick

IBU 60 ABV 6.8% “What you really need is a Swift Kick in the hinder!” Popular in the 70’s and so appropriate for this brew. Deep red in color, this IPA matches crisp pine-like hop flavor with a firm but creamy malty backbone and a fleet-footed final snap of hops in the finish.


IBU 20.1 ABV 5.3%
The home of H.H. Hinder Brewing Co. – Waupaca: a city positioned right in the middle of Wisconsin, surrounded by beauty, good people and the simple life. This blonde ale is perfect for a day out on the Chain O’ Lakes, whether it’s on a boat or on the ice. Get your Hinder to Waupaca, WI now for a pint of perfectly light and simple 715!


IBU 40.8 ABV 5.2%
A nickname for the old stomping grounds in Amherst, this porter will have you happily reminiscing on those gold old days. Rich in both flavor and body with every sip, this Hinder will have you grinning from ear to ear.

I Pledge my Assets

IBU 66.5 ABV 6.2%
It all began with the love of a good IPA…and then before we knew it, we’ve got ourselves a brewery and the Head Hinder has successfully forked it all (well more than expected) over! Cheers to a dream, and a journey worth every penny. Not overly bitter or offensive, rather complex and refreshing, it’s definitely worth pledging an asset or maybe two.


IBU 11.9 ABV 5.7%
Just like a Hinder is critical to the human body, a Weissbier is a staple in our lineup. Beautifully cloudy, with slightly sweet notes of banana and wheat, es schmeckt sehr gut!

Red Tail Ale
Amber Ale

IBU 25.9 ABV 5.6%
Just a guy, his shed and a few ingredients…what could go wrong? Luckily it all came together perfectly: a hint of sweetness, crimson in color and pleasantly hoppy and crisp…after a taste of this Hinder you might find yourself shaking your tail feather down Red Tail Lane.


IBU 62.3 ABV 7.7%
Don’t worry there aren’t any beads of sweat in here, but our Master Brewer sure put his back into this one. As you enjoy this dark, delicious brew send a toast to him for the long, dark nights that made this one extra delicious!

Pale Moon
Pale Ale

IBU 40.0 ABV 7.0%
Fifty years ago Apollo 11 landed on the moon, so to celebrate we asked our brewer David to shoot for the moon. What he blessed us with is his very own “Pale Moon” - A golden, light-bodied Pale Ale brewed with 100% Wisconsin-grown hops, which lend tropical fruit character and just enough snappy bitterness for all to enjoy. So, whether you are taking your first steps onto the scene of craft beers or a seasoned geek come on in and grab a “Pale Moon” in honor of Neil and Buzz, cheers!

New England IPA

IBU 41.2 ABV 7.89%
Unlike its American IPA counterpart, this New England IPA embraces cragginess, which creates its intensity. This beer finds clarity in all the haziness of a craggy life - here to smooth it all over for you. And who knows a couple sips might make you or the person next to you appear ruggedly handsome. It’s mild hop bitterness is complemented by tropical flavors of passion fruit, papaya and citrus. Don’t be fooled...those flavors don’t come from fruit, rather, a direct result of the hops mingling with our proprietary blend of multiple different yeast strains.